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Generic terms and conditions

General terms

By accessing „Forumul Metrou Ușor”, you accept and agree to be legally bound by the following terms. If you do not agree with all of these terms, you must not visit nor use „Forumul Metrou Ușor”. We may change these terms at any time and will do our best to inform you, however it is a good idea to check these terms periodically while accessing and using „Forumul Metrou Ușor”, because you will become legally bound by the changed terms from the moment they are updated.

You accept and agree with the forum specific terms and conditions.


You agree to not post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, expressing hate or threatning content, or any other content that may go against the laws of your country of residence, the laws of the country where „Forumul Metrou Ușor” is hosted or against international law. Failing to abide to these terms will lead to your immediate and permanent ban and may be followed by us notifying your Internet Service Provider if bound necessary. We permanently store all post IP addresses in order to enforce these terms.

You agree that „Forumul Metrou Ușor” is entitled to delete, edit, move or close any post or topic at any given time. As a user, you agree that all information that you post (be it publicly or as a private message), as well as all information that you enter in your profile page, will be saved in our database. None of your profile information will be disclosed to third parties, but „Forumul Metrou Ușor” can not be held responsible if such information is leaked or compromised as part of a cyberattack.

You confirm that you are over 16 years of age at the time of your registration. The registration of persons under the age of 16 is prohibited.

Privacy policy

This policy will further explain how „Forumul Metrou Ușor” (hereafter referred to as „us”, „we” or „the forum”) and the software which runs this website (hereafter referred to as „the software”) uses the information (hereafter referred to as „the information”) that is collected during each of your visit.

All forum posts are deemed public and we hold no responsibility for any information submitted publicly as a forum post. The sole responsible for any forum post is its author.


You agree to receive on your e-mail those communications that are bound necessary for your account's well-functioning. Examples of such necessary communications include, without being limited to: e-mail messages that notify you about the state of your account (active, inactive and so on), e-mail messages that notify you about any private messaging activity (like a new message) and so on.

We promise to never send any e-mail message that is not directly related to your forum account. If you ever receive such message, please report it by sending an e-mail to admin@metrouusor.com.

Personal information collection and processing

Your information is collected by two means. The first - by using the forum, the software will create some cookies (small files temporarily downloaded on your device). These cookies store important information that the software uses for personalizing your experience while using the forum. Additionally, third-party cookies will also be created while using the forum, but these are outside this document's scope, as they are external to the software and the software does not interact with them in any way. Read more about our cookie policy, here.

The second mean of collecting information is by interacting with the forum (by submitting posts, sending private messages or by creating and/or updating your profile). All of the posts, messages and profile information are stored in our database.

Your account must contain at least a valid username, a personal password used for authentication on the forum, and a valid e-mail address. Any other information is optional. All of the information in your account is protected by the European GDPR law.

Your password is encrypted (as a one-way hash), therefore it is secure. However, we do recomment not to use the same password on multiple services. Your password is the only way you can access your account on „Forumul Metrou Ușor”. We, nor anyone affiliated with us, will never ask for your password, nor will we disclose it to you or anyone else that might be requesting it (it is hashed anyway). If you forgot your password, you must use the forum's „forgot password” functionality''

We promise to never share any information about our users to third parties. However, we cannot guarantee for the way third-party cookies are processed. We may process and aggregate data based on our user's information, strictly for internal use only.

Accessing own data, the right to be forgotten and privacy policy consent withdrawal

All users are entitled to accessing all of their personal information that we have stored in our database. This can be requested via e-mail to admin@metrouusor.com.

All users have the right „to be forgotten” by deleting their account (and all of their personal information). This can be requested via e-mail to admin@metrouusor.com. However, users are not entitled to deleting their forum posts. By deleting a user account as part of their right to be forgotten, we will keep all of their forum posts, as removing them will alter the coherence of all of the topics said user ever participated in.
If there are forum posts that contain personal information (either the user's own, or not), this must be explicitly reported in the account deletion request and must be followed by direct links to said posts. The administrative team will do their best to remove the personal information without altering the coherence of the discussion and the thread overall. By not reporting this explicit situation in a deletion request, the administrative team will by default assume that no posts contain any personal information and will proceed with deleting the account and keeping all posts unaltered.

You can withdraw your consent to this privacy policy at any time, by requesting it via e-mail to admin@metrouusor.com. Your consent withdrawal will result in your immediate account deactivation and will not alter in any way your account information or submitted forum posts, which will continue to be stored unaltered in our database.

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